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August 11, 2008

The New Facebook: Land Of Confusion

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Welcome to the New Facebook! Now to continue the question implied in the title — tell me why!

Was there a reason for the change, Facebook? The only tangible effect of the redesign is to confuse and discourage loyal users – something you really do not want to do with a social networking site.

I?ve got an idea for you, Facebook – instead of going crazy with tabs and mouseover menus, just have the entire site run from a Unix style command prompt. Why? It?d be easier to relearn than this weird mishmash of Firefox-inspired tab mania and mouse-rollover shenannigans. Or maybe – get this! – maybe you could have little animals running around the screen, and you have to get a crosshairs on them and shoot them, and they splatter into the information you want! Hm, no, that?s too grisly. Maybe little stuffed animals could chase a monkey across the screen with machetes, and…

Hm. I think you can see a theme forming here. Think of the children, Facebook – think… of the children.


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