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August 25, 2008

Safari 4 Developer Preview: Jumpin’ Hot

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Aw, poor Firefox 3, pushed off again… we?ll get to ya, little buddy! But right how, the BIG HOT on my system is the Safari 4 Developer Preview.

Safari 4 is simply flat HOT. There are very few new ?whizbang? features, but the best feature is one you won?t access through a menu — Safari 4 is fast. Just screaming, smoking, insane fast. My MobileMe account ( loads up in a snap, up from a crawl under Safari 3.1 and our poor neglected child Firefox 3. But unless you?ve got the Apple Developer Center hookup like I do, you?re going to have to wait a while. Just think of me as your drunken Uncle Strictly, giving you a peak at what your dear ol? Daddy Apple left ya under the Christmas tree. Except… eh, not quite as creepy as that might?ve sounded.

New features!

There are a couple, most notable among them is the ability to save a web page as a stand-alone web application. I?ll show you how this works using my favorite online word processing app, BuzzWord. Here?s BuzzWord in Safari 4:

Now I love Safari, but when I fire up BuzzWord, it?s easy — too easy — for me to get distracted and run over to Facebook to check for messages, chat, notifications or whatever. Well in Safari 4… I can lose Safari 4 and keep BuzzWord. Just like this:


After clicking the above, Safari 4 saves the web page to a folder in Documents (on a Mac, at least) titled Safari 4 Web Applications. From there, I can drag it to my Writing Apps stack:


Yes, yes, hottie on my desktop — but that?s not what you?re looking at. You?re looking at the lower right. There?s StoryMill at the top, Save The Cat underneath, Montage, Celtx — and hey, look, there?s BuzzWord! To denote that it?s a Web App, naturally, there?s a Safari 4 badge attached. Well, when we click that, we get:


And there it is — just as it appears in Safari 4, except without Safari 4.

What else has it got? The options for tabs have now expanded: opening a new tab can now mean Safari 3?s default blank page, your home page, your bookmarks or the link folder of your choice. An excellent feature.

Well, that wraps up this quick scoop on the Safari 4 Developer Preview. I?m stoked — and when the finished product hits Leopard and Windows, you?re gonna love it, too. Because i say so.


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