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August 28, 2008

Facebook: Big Book Is Watching YOU.

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No reason was given for the deletion of my Facebook account registered to I could only guess that it had to do with an image from Second Life which showed my (virtual) self and a friend in a tavern, she with one breast showing. Yes, a pixelated nipple got me kicked off Facebook… I think. Maybe. No reason was given. No warning. No request to remove the (potentially) offending image or anything else. Just BLAM — account?s gone.

So I figured, lesson learrned… I guess. I created a new account — after all, I have dozens of good friends on Facebook, the majority of whom I don?t have a point of contact for anywhere else. I was also marketing my web site and freelance writing and editing services there. So I created another Facebook account. Facebook?s Terms of Service say you can?t have multiple accounts — well, I don?t. I have one. Then I had none… now I have one. Right?

Wrong. BLAM. Gone again.

The word from Facebook is… you can only have one account…

EVER. And if they decide, no matter how arbitrarily, to delete you? That?s it. You can never have another Facebook account, and their decision is final.

Well, fellas, say hello to proxies. In fact, I have a whole BBS full of friends who have whole BBSs full of friends who have whole armadas of proxy servers. You want a war? I guarantee you?re about to see something new. 🙂


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