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September 3, 2008

Google Chrome: Sweetness for Windows, But No Mac Love… Yet.

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Google?s recently released ?fox-killer, Chrome, may be a breath of fresh metal for Windows users, but the search giant?s surfalicious browser offering has yet to make its debut ?for the rest of us.?

Fortunately, it [i]is[/i] coming, and while I?ve had my taste of the lip-smackin? goodness thanks to Parallels, I?m itchin? to see what it can do on a stable-and-secure-without-being-sandboxed environment. Looks like we may have quite awhile to wait, as Chrome isn?t merely being buttoned up in a different jacket to run on Leopard and Linux distros, but is instead being coded from the ground up in non-Redmond flavors.

Stay tuned, as I?ll be keeping a sharp eye on all things new and shiny.


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