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September 6, 2008

iPod Nano 4G: Slimmer, sleeker, sl… omething else that starts with “sl-.”

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Rumors of the iPod Nano?s departure from it?s ?fatty? third-generation dimensions seem to be proving out in a maelstrom of leak photos for cases, screen protectors and, most recently, the new bad boy itself:


Is it the real deal? We won?t know for certain until 09/09, of course, but to my eye that snap looks to carry a good percentage of veritas.

Questions about Photochops and model mocks aside, let?s assume for now that that?s the real deal — it seems to carry the same width as the 3G, which means we shouldn?t see a sacrifice of the 3G?s interface in favor of the taller screen. What we would be getting, if that holds true, is a screen that?s actually larger than the 3G?s when flipped to landscape viewing. Not a bad deal if we can get it. Will there be any portrait-to-landscape related goodies like inclusion of an iPod Touch -ish accelerometer to make that flip a no-button-pushing-necessary maneuver? Well, we can hope, can?t we?


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